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A Pack Leader?If your dog believes it is a pack leader and causes you problems, then don't despair. With simple training methods you can regain control and take over as pack leader. You can then provide the security the dog needs in a relaxed and stress free environment.

The method I use is not only based on my experience as a police dog trainer/instructor for over 27 years, but also on knowledge I have gained from attending training courses with Jan Fennell the "Dog Listener". For more information, see the website

I am happy to work in the Yorkshire and Lancashire areas. If you want any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


These take place in your own home, and last between two and a half to three and a half hours. I also leave a written plan for you to follow.

You can also contact me afterwards for clarification or further advice. There is no force or gimmicks involved in the training. You may see your dogs behaviour start to improve as we start to take away the stress of being pack leader.


Consultation fees are available on request.

This is not a training method you can use once and the dog will behave itself. It needs to become a routine for the whole of the pack and therefore needs everybody's co-operation in order to have any effect.

If this is adopted, you will have a stress free life with your dog.

Give your dog what it needs! Not what it wants!

Jan Fennell Quality Assurance


Sydnie has literally been a changed dog from the second you came to our house. She is so calm and relaxed!!!

She has not weed in the house once since you came, which is amazing seeing as she was going up to 8 times a day in the house before!!!

One more thing......Sydnie used to ignore me all the time, but now if I call her name you would think I had some sausages tied to my ankles!!!! I'm still amazed what a difference you have made!!!

- Jo, Darren, Holly and Sydnie

We contacted Mal after several very challenging months with our Jack Russell puppy, Tricky, during which time we had spent many hours gathering advice about how to establish ourselves as leaders of our pack, none of which had any effect on the puppy's behaviour. Within an hour of Mal being in our house Tricky had calmed down and was showing signs of improved obedience. By the time Mal left it was clear that the relationship we wanted to enjoy with our dog was easily attainable.

He explained all of Tricky's behaviour in terms of wolf pack characteristics that made absolute sense and equipped us with the understanding that we needed to communicate effectively with him. Mal's techniques do not use force, and at no point have we felt unkind in carrying out the plan that he provided us with.

We would recommend him without hesitation.

- Alastair and Lynsey, Wakefield January 2010

I have a gorgeous dog name Meg - she is a cross border collie / german shepherd - she was an abandoned 5 month old - skin and bone - but is now a healthy much loved part of our family - Malcolm came as she was a nightmare to take out and excessive barker - Malcolm has transformed her life - and we have stuck to his training pattern - and will for life - Meg is now a happy, content 2 year old....

- Brenda

I am delighted! Daniel is responding really well, although he seemed a bit confused and put out at first. However, on the very first morning after you'd been he didn't bark at all and I could linger in bed until 8.00 am! What luxury!

- Ros

I daily walk both dogs and it is a pleasure to walk them both and we can be gone for hours. Sam has stopped chewing but every now and then he will have a go but I can soon see what I have done wrong with them both.

The crazy thing is, I have become more confidemt in myself and when I watch propgrammes on television or visit someones' house, I can see what they are doing wrong with their dogs...

- Shelley, Taffy and Sam

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